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  • Intro

You might find yourself requiring an official translation (English > French) of one or several documents / certificates for the French administration (Mairie / Département / State), or an embassy, prior to getting married, for example or should you wish to become a French citizen, plus a whole host, and unlimited number, of other reasons such as the  recognition of an academic qualification, or driving licence, birth, marriage, divorce, certificates, Police certificates for people who wish to emigrate or who require a visa to live and work in France; or for obtaining citizenship or residency etc.     

The French administration will insist that the translation is carried out by a recognised translator who has, before a French court of justice, “taken an oath to perform their duties of translator impartially and conscientiously.” They may well also insist, though not all do, that you provide the original translation signed by the translator, with the prerequisite statement declaring that the translation is a faithful transcription of the original.  Clearly online applications will not suffice and do not satisfy the demands of the French administration.      

  • Biography

My name is David WILSON, I am a British national and lived in the UK for the first 30 years of my life and have subsequently been living in France for just as long. I have been translating and interpreting (translations are written documents, whereas as interpreting is speaking live) since 1997. A few dates: 

2006 Oath sworn before the Tribunal de Grande Instance (equiv. county court) in NEVERS 

2011 First became a member of the SFT (equiv. the UK’s Institute of Translators & Interpreters, ITI) Société Française des Traducteurs (www.sft.fr). Signature of the SFT’s Code of Professional Conduct in December 2010. 

2013 Oath sworn before the Cour d’Appel (equiv. court of appeal) in BOURGES 

2014 First became a member of the Compagnie des Experts Judiciaires (Association of Court Appointed Experts) linked to the Court of Appeal in Bourges.

2019 GDPR-approval. Your personal information goes no further and is securely erased 5 years following last job for you. 

2022 Specialist interpreter status recognised by the Court of Appeal in Riom
  • Rates & Turnaround

All translations are subject to a written quote, prior to work commencing, but as an indication, the following rates will generally apply: 

Birth / Marriage / Death / Adoption certificates 65 € (pre-tax) 

Driving licence (Credit card format) 65 € (pre-tax)

Driving licence (previous format)
65 € (pre-tax)

Academic qualification (1 page – A4) 65 € (pre-tax)

Academic qualification (2 pages & more – A4)Subject to specific quote

Postage (original translations to an address in France10 € (pe-tax) per postage*
* Maximum 5 documents sent by recorded delivery

Postage (original translations to an address outside France)Subject to specific rates

InterpretingSubject to specific quote

I work to a fast turnaround, because, I like to think, I am well organised, though others might disagree! 24/48 hours are typical turnarounds depending of course upon the number of documents for translation.

  • Contact

The simplest is to initially contact me by mail at david-wilson@wanadoo.fr 

Or, on my mobile +33 (0)6 67 71 29 25

  • References

Sorry, I do not give references as past and present private client information is strictly confidential, but you are able to establish my credentials on the SFT website, or alternatively with the Cour d’Appel (Court of Appeal) in Bourges / Tribunal de Justice (County court) in Nevers.

  • Terms & Conditions

Payment is upon receipt of the translations / invoicing (one and the same). Payment by cheque or by bank transfer are acceptable. The translation remains the property of the translator until full settlement.
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